Marco Paccagnella

Marco Paccagnella

I design, build and take care of digital things as a Product / UX / UI Designer

34, London, ex Design Lead at Sofar Sounds, co-founder of THe iNCIPIT, Roger, Deskzero and Hula. Loves movies, games, nature, hiking, random sports and the indigo color. Side-projects daydreamer.


  • 2014-2017

    Sofar Sounds

    Design Lead at Sofar Sounds (backed by Index Ventures and Octopus Investments), the world’s largest live music discovery community. Bringing magic back to live music.

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  • 2015

    Speaker and Mentor

    Speaker at UX/UI/Design events, such as the 101 TechHub Tuesday. Mentoring entrepreneurs and startups, also at IncuBus Ventures.

  • Tech London


    Tech London

    Among the admins of Tech London, the new emerging startup community in London, based on real-time Slack conversations. Managing #design channel.

  • 2015


    Launched Deskzero as a co-founder, a directory website where you can find new and inspiring locations to work from remotely. Your city, your office.

  • 2014

    Roger (featured on Product Hunt)

    Launched Roger as a co-founder, a networking app to easily get and share contact details with the people you meet, with context info and follow-ups. Your new handshake.

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  • 2013

    London calling

    Moved to UK. Lovely!

  • 2013


    Co-founded Hula, a social commerce mobile app where shoppers can share their beloved purchases and discover new products and brands.

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  • 2013

    WCAP Accelerator

    Selected for Working Capital Acceleration Program (Telecom Italia) as co-founder of Hula with a funding grant of € 25.000.

  • 2013

    Style (Corriere della Sera)

    Designed Style Magazine website, the new channel dedicated to male elegance.

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  • 2013


    Designed the travel e-commerce website, joint-venture between HotelYo (Bravofly Rumbo Group) and the travel and lifestyle brand DOVE.

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  • 2012-2013

    DoveViaggi (Corriere della Sera)

    Designed and developed from DOVE multi-channel travel brand (magazine, TV, mobile and web). Managed its social media later on.

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  • 2012

    MIP Business School

    As founder of THe iNCIPIT, I won a Master scholarship in Startup and Entrepreneurship Academy (MIP Business School, Milan).

  • Talent Garden Bergamo


    Talent Garden

    Among the first selected residents of TAG Bergamo, a passion (co)working space for startups and freelancers, as founder of THe iNCIPIT.

  • 2011


    Founded THe iNCIPIT, an interactive storytelling and social publishing platform, combining fiction and gaming.

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  • Too Lazy To Do It


    Too Lazy To Do It

    Website and community blog about creative business ideas, closed in 2012. As a content and community manager, I curated the digital identity of its icon, "Lazy Guy", a smart but lazy entrepreneur.

  • 2009-2010

    AT Casa (Corriere della Sera)

    Designed and developed landing pages and media-kits for AT Casa/Living, the channel about design, architecture and trends. Freelance photographer on the side.

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  • 2009

    RCS Rizzoli

    Soon after graduation I landed a job as UX designer and web developer in RCS MediaGroup, the leading international multimedia publishing group, with a key role between journalists, PM and directors.

  • 2009

    MS degree

    I chose a Computer Science and Psychology sperimental interfaculty for my MS degree in Milan. Graduated cum laude with a thesis on Linguistic Intergroup BIAS in online communities "flame-wars".

  • Nuvole in viaggio


    Nuvole in viaggio

    I joined "Nuvole in viaggio", a cultural association committed in the organization of events, festivals and activities about movies and poetry. I took care of graphics, websites and photography.

  • 2008-2012

    Photography and Video

    Freelance photographer and video for reportage, interior design, events coverage and portraits. Contributed to travel and design websites/magazines.

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  • 2000s


    I had founded a blog, an indie-rock band, a RPG guild, a cultural association, a musical festival, a photography exhibition, and tons of websites. I started dreaming of 36-hour days.

  • 1999


    At 16 I was studying maths while training as an FPS player: e-sport was born and I had been touring italian lan parties, hitting national WCG finals.

  • 1990

    Bit childhood

    It was a brand new 486 personal computer that took me away from my beloved Commodore 64. I was 7 happy years old.

  • May 1983

    Hello World!

    I was born.


Design and Develop

From concept to execution, UX/UI, HTML/CSS/JS

Project management

Product Development and Digital Strategy


Bootstrap, Lean Prototyping, Business Development

Social media

Community Management and UGC expertise

Chewing bits

Passionate about digital, always running a pet project. Cheerful, creative, cmd-tabber, problem-solver.

Motivation is a plus

Launching a startup, working on a project, or simply talking about an idea, this is what I love the most.

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